How do I order?

Step 1: Find Wheels for Your Vehicle

Just select your vehicle using our wheel search engine to find and choose from wheels that will fit. Then, see how the wheels will look using our vehicle visualizer. 

Step 2: Select Wheel

Choose a wheel from the available selections. Remember to consider intended usage as well as tire fitment. Sometimes, different widths may be available for the same wheel and diameter, so remember to check compatibility with your intended tire size. If you ever need help, feel free to contact us; our team of wheel experts are here to help. 

Step 3: Confirm Item Selection

Enter your membership information and confirm the item selection. 

Step 4: Costco Checkout

Once you've confirmed your item selection, we have successfully saved your order details, and you will then be redirected back to Costco to complete your order. Note that your order details (such as the wheel model and selected vehicle) will not be shown on the Costco product page. 

Finally add the product to your cart and complete checkout on Remember to change the selected quantity to 4 on the Costco checkout page before adding to cart. Pomotional pricing is applicable only to full sets of 4 wheels. 

Wheels must be shipped to a valid member address and is not eligible for shipment to any Costco location. Orders may be subject to cancellation.