Why should I upgrade wheels?

Upgrading wheels and tires is a good way to enhance and update the look and performance of your vehicle. Using lower profile tires with larger diameter wheels allows your vehicle to provide better steering response and better cornering. Visually, the larger wheel and lower profile tires create an enhanced and more aggressive look for the vehicle.  Pairing a larger diameter or wider wheels with a larger and lower profile tires while maintaining odometer and speedometer accuracy through selecting tires that are within 3% of the overall diameter of the original tires on your vehicle.  Please refer to the vehicle selection page or contact our customer service department at 1-877-999-4335 or support@veloxwheels.com for assistance on properly sizing the vehicle of your choice. NOTE: All Velox fitments are done with vehicles with stock height. Any modifications to lower the vehicle may affect the proper fitment of the wheels onto the vehicle.

Fitment of caps may sometimes require an alternative cap, depending on the wheel and hub of the vehicle. If your vehicle is installed with our wheels and the accompanying caps do not clear the hub, we do have alternative taller caps available free of charge for specific models.