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Our Wheels

Wheels engineered for every need. All of our wheels come with a limited lifetime structural warranty and are JWL and VIA certified.

Wheels to suit the seasons

All Season Series

All season series wheels are built to be a flexible solution to being able to be used in any condition and any weather.  All season series have tricoat layers of protection against the elements while having a brilliant shine and finish to ensure distinctive appeal in any season.  

Be Ready for Winter

Nordica Wheels

Velox Nordica series feature tricoat layer that withstand winter conditions.  In addition, all Nordica series wheels have easy to match paint to repair against debris and objects that be lodged in snow or ice which may scratch or scuff the wheel.  

Resilient. Reliable. Tough

Tough Truck Alloys

Tough Truck Alloy are built to expertly compliment any SUV or Truck both import and domestic.  Tough Truck alloys focus on clean lines and timeless designs that visually accentuates a vehicle.  Tough Truck alloys are made spefically for trucks and to be able to support the load capacity required.  Each wheel is x-rayed to ensure structural integrity and fulfill all safety and load requirements.
Strengthened and Enhanced

Spiral Forged Wheels

The Spiral Forged series wheels are constructed with the latest hybrid casting and barrel compression technology. Compression forming the wheel barrel adds extra structural strength while the casting center provides curvature and tensile flexibility under load, granting a a stronger barrel section over traditional casted wheels.

Distinctive. Unique.

Signature Series

The Signature Series is a premier line of wheels for the most sought after vehicles. These wheels feature intricate detailing and eye-catching designs that will enhance the look of any vehicle. Intended for mild climates, each signature series wheel features multi-contrast finishes for bold visual differentiation.

Motorsport derived

RT series by FK Ethos

The RT series by Fk Ethos is a motorsport derived line up of wheels that cater to vehicles with required clearances for big brake calipers.  

LXE series by FK Ethos

LXE series by FK Ethos has long been a leading luxury wheel series present on luxury vehicles and luxury SUV.  Featuring contrasting finishes to provide exceptional contrast definition, LXE series wheels enhances and accentuates with timeless design elements onto the vehicle. 


Understanding Wheels

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Velox Wheels

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FK Ethos

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