Frequently Asked Questions

Before Order

Upgrading wheels and tires is a good way to enhance and update the look and performance of your vehicle. Using lower profile tires with larger diameter wheels allows your vehicle to provide better steering response and better cornering. Visually, the larger wheel and lower profile tires create an enhanced and more aggressive look for the vehicle.  Pairing a larger diameter or wider wheels with a larger and lower profile tires while maintaining odometer and speedometer accuracy through selecting tires that are within 3% of the overall diameter of the original tires on your vehicle.  Please refer to the vehicle selection page or contact our customer service department at 1-877-999-4335 or for assistance on properly sizing the vehicle of your choice.

Note that all Velox fitments are done with vehicles with stock height. Any modifications to lower the vehicle may affect the proper fitment of the wheels onto the vehicle.

Fitment of caps may sometimes require an alternative cap, depending on the wheel and hub of the vehicle. If your vehicle is installed with our wheels and the accompanying caps do not clear the hub, we do have alternative taller caps available free of charge for specific models.

For winter sizing and plus sizing applications, we recommend checking with your tire professional for alternative tire sizes that will match your original tires'  overall diameter to within 3%.  This will ensure speedometer readings remain accurate. 

Both the All Season and Nordica Series' wheels are constructed of cast aluminum and have a tri-phase coating that helps to prevent oxidation while also protecting against the elements. However, the Nordica Series is optimized for ease of repair to damage stemming from scratches and nicks that occur with greater frequency under snow-packed conditions, where hidden debris can inflict visible damage to the wheel. Touch-up paint for this series is readily available and can either be matched by an automotive paint shop or through parts retailers.

Most leakage from pitting is either because wheels are chrome-plated, which provides zero protection against corrosive chemicals, or the finish of the existing wheels has been compromised and thus allowed corrosion to creep under into the wheel. Velox All Season and Nordica Series are ideally suited to better combat the variables that lead to pitting and air loss. However, effectiveness may vary depending on use. Velox recommends protective maintenance and care to extend the life of your wheels.

Every order received is reviewed by our technical experts to reconfirm that all clearances are acceptable and within the industry standard tolerances. If replacing wheels on existing tire sizes on your vehicle, small variations in size are allowed since tires will fit on a range of wheel sizes.

In most cases existing TPMS sensors are transferable to your newly purchased wheels. You may use the existing sensors if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The vehicle and existing sensors are less than 5 years old.
  2. The new wheels are the only set of wheels used on the vehicle. (If you are alternating between winter and summer wheels and tires, we recommend using the original TPMS sensors for your winter wheel/tire set and new sensors for your summer wheel/tire set.)

Chrome wheels often are an expensive option that creates mirror like luster.  However, chrome wheels are not recommended because of its environmental and durability characteristics.  The chroming process is often a environmentally destructive process in which chromium, a byproduct of the plating process is released.  This type of process uses chrominum which is a well known carcinogen, lead, Cyanide, and Cadium which often pollutes and causes cancerous health issues.  Chromed wheels also do not hold up over time since it is a metal plating process that is not protected against the elements.  Salt in the air, or roads in winter usually commences corrosion processes that lead to pitting and the eventual inability of the wheel to hold air, creating potential issues that are dangerous.  

Having a set of winter wheels and tires saves time and money to provide greater convenience to you.  During winter seasons,  tire installation centers are usually extremely busy with people trying to swap winter tires.  During these times, wait times sometimes can be 2-3 hours depending on the cars.  Each season, average cost to put on and take off tires is around $160 per season. By having a set of winter tires and wheels stored at home,  installation can be peformed within 20 minutes and the cost of the tires and wheels often are recouped after a few seasons.  This long term cost and time savings allows you to get back on the road quicker during those winter months with added convenience.  

Whether ordering online or through your local Costco Tire center,  each provides convenience to fit your needs.  With online ordering,  wheels are sent to your home to allow you to structure installation appointment along with the ability to confirm the item you selected is to your satisfaction.  If you wish to return the item after you had a chance to review it from your home,  simply take the wheels to the local Costco returns department in its original boxes.  If you do wish to proceed for installation, simply contact your Costco tire center to schedule a tiime for installation.  This will allow minimal downtime during the installation process.   If you do wish to order at your local Costco tire center,  wheels will be sent to that location.  Once the wheels arrive,  the tire center will contact you to come in for installation.  Either method of ordering provides flexibility to fit your preference and needs for a successful purchase and installation experience.   

If you are unsure about what you are about to order, please call our customer support so that we may assist you with choosing the right selection.  Often, if you are simply changing the wheels on your vehicle,  the easiest way to confirm the tire/wheel compatibility is to look at the plaque on the drivers door jam which will have the tire size.  The last two digits of that tire size which ranges from 14-22 would be the diameter of the wheel size you need to select.  To reconfirm the selection,  look and match those numbers to the sidewall of your tires.  This can confirm that the tire size is confirmed with the informaiton on the door jam.  

Vehicles that have larger tires in the rear than the fronts have fitments that are staggered.  These types of fitments usually are part of sport packages.  To ensure proper fitment and selection,  always double check tire sizes.  If there are selections for your vehicle with staggered,  there will be a drop down selection clearly indicating staggered.  

During Order

Alternative tire sizes if available, will still require confirmation from both our wheel technicians and the tire professional assisting you to ensure that the tire selected are load and speed compatible with your vehicle. Please contact Velox Wheels Customer Service at 1-877-999-4335 during our normal business hours for assistance.

We recommend you contact us for further confirmation, as vehicle fitment and application can vary by year. Please contact Velox Wheels Customer Service at 1-877-999-4335 during our normal business hours for assistance.

After Order

For certain applications, hub rings are not required since the wheel's center diameter closely sleeves over the diameter of the hub on your vehicle. This means that the wheel is already hub-centric. Prior to shipment, Velox confirms if there is a need for hub rings based on the wheel you have selected and will supply hub rings if necessary. If for any reason you still are concerned about the necessity of rings for your vehicle/wheel combination, please contact Velox Wheels Customer Service at 1-877-999-4335 during our normal business hours for assistance.

Velox offers a One-Time Complimentary Lug Nuts/Bolts which do not come in alternative colors. Additional selections are available either online or at your local automotive store. Check with your local automotive store professional for availability and fitment.

In some cases your wheels may fit other vehicles, but may require different hardware to accommodate the switch. Please contact Velox Wheels Customer Service at 1-877-999-4335 during our normal business hours for confirmation and further assistance.

As wheels are constructed of metal, the liklihood of a wheel being off balance occurs in usually in the frequency of 1/10,000 wheels.  Usually balance issues occur with most frequency due to: 1. Tires   2. Installation.  Tires are constructed with steel cords that are embedded with rubber which can lead to high and low spots which may lead to inbalance when paired with wheels.  These occurances need to be rectified by a procedure that is required to turn the tire's high spot to be opposite of the valve stem area of the wheel. This allows a better balance to be achieved.  Tires that are old also may create an issue of inbalance possibly from irregular wear when coupled with old and warped wheels. Similar to wear on the sole of shoes,  tires develop a wear pattern that when paired with new wheels will create vibrations.  This requires a skilled installer to idnentify and implement procedure that will rectify or minimize the issue.  This type of procedure is called the 180 degree procedure and requires a installer who has been trained to identify and perform such a procedure when wheels with tires do not balance.  If the installer does not know the procedure and does not perform the procedure to resolve the inbalance,  the wheel and tire will vibrate when in use.  These two variables are required to be addressed to properly balance any new wheels and tires.  

When ordering wheels online,  wheels are sent directly to the members home address. This is to allow minimal contact and provide the member with the ability to examine the wheel to confirm the selection and to ensure no damage has incurred from shipping.  We recommend that all 4 wheels are examined and a photo is taken of the front face of each wheel that is visible after tires are mounted to provide yourself with a visual receipt on the condition of the wheel.  Once this is confirmed,  members can contact tire centers to make an appointment for installation to minimize downtime for installation.  Our wheels come in 4 boxes with one clearly labelled with complimentary wheel accessories which include the necessary lug nut or bolt along with if needed the necessary hubrings.  Each wheel box also includes instructions for installation which are required to be followed in correct sequence to ensure a successful and troublefree installation. (WARNING) wheel installation problems can occur if the procedure and correct sequence is not followed.  Inform the installer to follow the instruction manual prior to installation to minimize any potential installation issues from occuring.  If additional clarity is required, please contact us1-877-999-4335 and our customer representative will be able to assist both you and the installer before and during the installation process.  

Wheels like any part of the vehicle is a wear and tear item. However, if maintained properly wheels can last for the life of the vehicle.  Unfortunately, due to the deteriorating infrastructure of our freeways and roads,  increasing amount of pot holes and road deteriorations are fast becoming the number reason for wheel replacements.  Especially with increasingly low profile tires offered by vehicle manufacturers,  wheels often can be damaged easily if care is not taken to avoid road hazards like potholes.  In addition, dramatic temperature changes which dramatically alter tire pressure can reduce the tires ability to adequately protect and support the wheels. Therefore,  Velox recommends to regularly check your tire pressure along with making sure to avoid road hazards such as potholes.  For use in winter regions, Velox recommends using ceramic hybrid based non polish wax to be applied regularly to protect wheels against deicing agent or salt.  After any drive,  washing off salt or debris from the undercarriage and wheels are effective in minimizing potential corrosion.  

If for any reason you experience refusal to install the wheels,  please contact us immediately while you are at the location so that we may discuss with them in order to troubleshoot potential variables that may effect the ability of the tire center to correctly install the wheels for you.  

During the installation process, wheel caps are usually clipped on or screwed on to ensure a secure fit.  Velox wheel caps often have an optional name plate which has adhesive backing that must be removed in order to firmly affix onto the cap.  In addition, there is usually a film over the name plate which needs to be removed to prevent the film from being coked onto the name plate.  If the name plate has somehow flew off, most likely this is a result of the adhesive backing not being removed during the installation process to securely affix the name plate onto the cap.  If that has occurred, contact the installation center and inform them that the name plate was not secured on properly during the installation process and request them to contact our support team.   If during a tire rotation,  the clips on the wheel cap were broken, please request the installation center to contact our support team to order replacement caps.  Or, for caps that are of a screw on variant, missing screws can be ordered by the installation center.    

If your wheels arrived to you damaged, first email the damage to our email:  Once emailed, contact to inform them of the situation and request for replacement to be sent to you.  

All of our products include a comprehensive installation protocol checklist with sequences that must be correctly followed.  The most common issue that occurs usually is when the installer fails to follow the specific protocols as outlined.  If you and your installer are experiencing such issues,  please contact our tech support specialist so that we may assist you and the installer you work with to ensure a smooth installation process.  

Certain Volvo and Tesla vehicles may have either pins or nuts on the mounting hub of the vehicle, requiring removal in order for some wheel models to properly fit the vehicle.  These pins and nuts have been originally secured as part of the assembly process and not necessary to be retained.  If your installer is concerned and reluctant to remove the pin or nut from the mounting hub,  please have your installer contact our tech support team to assist.