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Manufacturer Limited Warranty

  1. Velox Wheels Company (“Velox Wheels”) warrants to the original purchaser a limited lifetime warranty that the wheel products manufactured by Velox Wheels will be free from structural, material and workmanship defects under normal and intended use.
  2. Velox Wheels warrants against deterioration of the surface finish for two years from the original time of purchase, provided such warranty covers only the peeling and separation from the wheel and does not apply to the chrome finish. The warranty does not cover surface rust or oxidation. Furthermore, pitting and peeling on the backside of a wheel is not covered under this warranty.
  3. OUT-OF-ROUND or OUT-OF-BALANCE claims are only accepted for warranty replacement within the first 30 days of use and only after the installer performs the 180° tire rotation procedure, provided there is no evidence of damage or distortion to the wheels including but not limited to those caused by impact. A set of four wheels purchased for the same vehicle will not be accepted for out-of-round or out-of-balance claims.
  4. Wheels different from the original wheels supplied by the car manufacturer may alter vehicle handling. It is the original purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that vehicle safety and performance are not adversely affected by wheel choice.

This warranty is not applicable if:

  1. Wheels not recommended by Velox that are used under winter snow conditions. This is due to salt, sand, deicer, and other materials used in regions where snow and ice are present. NOTE: Chrome finish wheels need to be removed from the vehicle every year BEFORE the winter weather begins and prior to any spraying of salt or deicing agents on the roads. Any salt or deicing agent will result in IMMEDIATE damage to chrome wheels.
  2. Wheels not recommended by Velox that are subjected to salt and other corrosive elements, and/or are improperly maintained.
  3. Damage occurs due to failure to follow the installation instructions in the Owner’s Manual, or if the wheel is used in conjunction with any hardware, adapters, etc.
  4. Corrosion or damage occurs due to negligence, misuse, harsh car washes, or improper maintenance other than the recommended procedures that are included in the Owner’s Manual supplied with each wheel.
  5. Damage or structural failure occurs as a result of any repairs, modifications, and/or changes made to the wheels by anyone other than Velox Wheels.
  6. Damage or structural failure occurs as a result of improper installation of wheel and/or tire mounting, demounting, or rotation.
  7. Damage or structural failure occurs as a result of an accident, contact with curbs or objects, or road conditions.
  8. Damage or structural failure occurs as a result of an underinflated tire.
  9. Damage or structural failure occurs as a result of racing applications or modified suspension components installed by the original purchaser.
  10. Wheels are used on any vehicles registered and normally used outside the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
  11. The warranty claim is presented by anyone other than the original purchaser. The original purchaser must present a copy of original proof of purchase to make a claim. This warranty is not transferable or assignable.
  12. Warranty does not pertain to complimentary wheel accessories as warranty applies only to wheels.
  13. Wheels are transferred to a vehicle other than the one upon which they were originally mounted, if that transfer results in an improper application or damage to the wheels.

Owner’s Obligations and Making a Claim

  1. Wheels must be properly mounted, correct lug nuts used and torque set to vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, and air pressures on the tires set to recommended value. Owner must check lug nut torque and tire air pressure with a gauge monthly and reset if required.
  2. All warranty claims must be presented to Velox Wheels directly (1-877-999-4335 or Furthermore, please contact Velox Wheels for claims due to freight or cosmetic damage from shipping.
  3. Owner must pay for any and all costs for tire mounting and balance, and/or other service charges and applicable taxes for remounting the wheels if replaced under this manufacturer warranty.


All warranty returns are reviewed by Velox Wheels’ quality control department. Velox Wheels’ sole and exclusive obligation under this warranty shall be to repair or replace the wheel products at Velox Wheels’ sole discretion. If returned wheel products are found not to fall within this manufacturer warranty coverage by Velox Wheels, the wheel product will be returned to the sender, without repair or replacement, at the sender’s expense. **If wheel products are found to fall within manufacturer warranty coverage by Velox Wheels, the shipping cost for the replacement wheel(s) will be at owner’s expense.**