About Velox Wheels

Velox has been quietly crafting quality wheels for the past two decades, private labeling and distributing wheels to 3000+ retailers. Over the years, Velox has been at the forefront of providing quality driven products that have style and value for most vehicles. Velox was the first to design wheels that accomodated big brake calipers prior to the introduction and now prevalent use of big brake system on vehicles. Velox was also the first to eliminate chrome wheels from its line up in favor of preserving the environment against waste generated from the chroming process. Velox also was one of the first to only consider working with manufacturing plants that observed labor laws and the provision of humane work conditions. By following the principles of building quality wheels that takes care of our environment, our customer, and our customer's customers, Velox continues to take the path less travelled, harder to traverse because it is simply the right thing to do.